Friday, December 2, 2011

I Seriously At This Moment Couldn't Give Less of a Fuck

Right now the sky has a weird yellowish tint to it, like the normal blue/gray got dirty or pissed itself. Even creepier, there is no wind at all, the air is just sitting there completely still. I feel like a house may fall on me at any moment.

This blog follows a cycle. Sometimes I'll look at my last couple posts and feel awesome about them. Other times, like now, I see a lot of lists, lazy writing, a lot of overemotional crazy talk, and I really really want to be on a beach somewhere in a world where blogs, first dates, applications, references, and facebook no longer exist. I know this world is real, I think it's called Uruguay.

I've been writing other things besides this blog for two weeks straight, but it's mostly over now, at least for a week until the next round of deadlines, and I'm burned out. This weekend I'm going to bake some cookies, drink some brandy, go to Pittsburgh and see a band, and I'm going to forget this site exists at all till next week. When hopefully I have something more than hormones, stress, and hemingway complexes to talk about. Happy fucking ice cold December.


  1. I want to say that I am sympathetic to your feeling about blog writing right now... but I don't know what you are really feeling to say such a thing... I only know that I have not felt like writing and I wish that I could go to the Slowdown and see a really good band... to see if they have found the Russian Bear...

  2. Holly Golightly called them the mean reds.

    When I get them, I long for the days when the telephone was mounted on the wall in the kitchen and it had a long long cord.

    My remedy includes a Maha falafel eaten on the balcony at the West Side Market. Then I buy a link of Dohar's double smoked sausage and some peppers, come home and make Hungarian lecho.

    Hope Pittsburgh and the cookies work.

  3. it's monday-did it work, i hope?


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