Thursday, November 22, 2012

Things I Am Thankful For

I am thankful I am not Sarah Connor.

I am also thankful I am not Anna Karenina, Madame Bovary, Cinderella, Cosette, Esmeralda, or any Edith Wharton woman.

This Thanksgiving I am grateful that I am still young enough, even Paul Rudd can't interest me in a movie about being forty.

I am thankful for Radiohead and Christmas commercials featuring dogs with bows on.

I am thankful for feeling like I'm twenty three at thirty three. I am thankful I live someplace where that's possible. Yay for populations living longer. Maybe.

I am thankful I'm able to appreciate the process of my sister turning into my brother.

I am thankful for my brother's infinite capacity for love.

I am thankful for my parents, who remind me to appreciate the perspective of being really close with remarkable people, so close that sometimes you forget to look at it that way.

For: russian scifi movies, being able to access russian scifi movies, for having friends that introduce me to russian scifi movies, for the people who translate russian scifi movies, and the ones who put them on art theaters' schedules. Oh and dogs in russian scifi movies.

For it barely being cold enough to wear a sweatshirt all the time here.

For the opportunity to get really mad at guys calling me Honey. For guys calling me honey.

For OK Cupid, which in the future may be regarded as the most influential website on my body of work.

For gchat. Which, for all the awkwardness of google+, still remains the intimate version of Twitter.

For the miracle of that sentence even existing. On it's own, that may be the weirdest duo of sentences ever written.

For whoever and everyone that was responsible for raising me with a basically very healthy body image and self esteem. I'm sorry it took me so long to appreciate and use it properly. I'm thankful for whoever it was specifically that gave me the confidence to be like "fuck the rule of threes, I will make this work with five if it kills me."

I am thankful for nice people. Thank you, nice people.

I am thankful for living in an age of tea sieves shaped like robots, and spotify, and self publishing, even though I realize how very 90s that sounds, especially when you combine it with Radiohead from earlier. Whatever, I give in, I'll try to appreciate it better the second time around. I guess. I'm not getting into Bjork again. (you guys know we're totally getting into Bjork again, right?)


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