Friday, April 20, 2012

I Think Thursday May Actually Be My Favorite Night

Last night reminded me of last year's Ingenuity Fest. No wait, I mean, to me. It was physically nothing like Ingenuity. But it was totally great and I think most everyone had a good time, at least a lot of people came up and told me so. In fact that's the part which is giving me flashbacks. At Ingenuity last year, it was one of those nights that are the reason people get so obsessed with social media. Most of the time, there are way more nights in our lives where we think our facebook and twitter accounts are stupid. We're just babbling insane nonsense into the void 24 hours a day, millions of us, and what's it for? Something happens politically or celebrity wise, and people go nuts, and we roll our eyes and sigh and then talk about it ourselves. But all our babbling, the weird snarky jokes, complaints, and random outbursts of insecurity build and build, they roll together in the atmosphere like storm clouds, they gather strength, and then boom, a night will happen when the downpour comes, and all the electricity building up between us crackles then relaxes. The next morning it smells good, and it's balmy, and happy order is restored.

 That image maybe sounds negative, but I really really really love storms. These nights are like People Storms.

 At Ingenuity, I met so many people that I only sort of knew, but knew enough. I knew enough about their lives that we could have conversations about real things from the get go, which is just hot. I batted and bounced around from one group of people to the next, having little bursts of awesome exchange, and yet being constantly entertained by newness. It was the ADHD of Facebook made real. I met people who read me online. I met people I read online. Compliments filled up the night like fog. Everyone was, as you say, "on". I love when people are plugged in.

 And last night, everyone was plugged in. Most people in the room knew a few other people, but not that many. The sound of 40 people having 2 person conversations about themselves is surprisingly loud. Like, I was actually sort of taken aback by the noise. It's weird to hear a room functioning and see people participating in something you dreamed up and planned. I should make a note to ask Elana if she feels that way after the KickStartLove events, because I've only organized a few "events" in the course of my life, and she's a pro, and I want to know how last night went from her perspective. She was so on her game last night. I love watching people do things they are actually good at. There's not a lot of chances for you to see your friends do their professional thing. I mean, you guys will never see me at work. I'm not going to come to your office and watch you IT, whatever that entails. Opportunities to see your non-work friends work it are rare.

 So anyway, the event went really well, and then I went to wait for Carey at ABC, and there were lots of people to hang out with and talk to.Myles and I found our particular conversation, the record groove for the rest of the night. Carey picked me up after her show, and we went to the all night grocery store because oh my car is dead but hey we're not getting into that right now. I had to get groceries, and she had to find something to eat, and I barely remember any of it because I had decided earlier to introduce Myles to tequila shots with lime and siricha. I woke up this morning in a sick wave, but it's okay, it was worth it. Being plugged in sometimes leaves you drained of power, that happens. But when I stumbled groggily to the kitchen to get water and pills, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that super drunk Bridget is actually way better at grocery shopping than sober Bridget. Cause I remember how much I spent last night, and I have like an entire fridge of fairly healthy okay food. That's, I don't know, maybe I'm just going drunk food shopping from now on. I have raisins. I never have raisins. There's banana chips and tortillas, and tomatoes. I'm sort of looking forward to being homebound, and just concentrating on cleaning and packing, with all the windows open and turkey tomato sandwiches for lunch and someday soon laying out in the backyard in the sun on my breaks. Also today is beautiful.

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