Monday, April 30, 2012

Cleveland Quiz

What are the Westside Market hours?

How late does Nunzio's deliver?

The speed limit on MLK is...

Tina's always sells out of....

Those pink green and white CHOC car stickers are for what?

What day is the downtown library closed?

The beer and wine store at the corner of Madison and 117th is called...

The guy who painted those alien child looking murals in Tremont is named...

At the bottom of Jefferson Hill is a. _____ factory.

The Politician is....
And used to be located on _________ avenue.

The Atomic Playground was replaced with a .....

The shopping plaza at Brookpark and Pearl used to have a giant painted sign for a  music store called....

Daystar sells....

There are ____ Rapid Lines, and they are called......

The Grog Shop used to be located at........
And where it is now used to be a ......

The beach in Bay Village is called.....

Before it was Mittal, the steel mill was owned by....

To get to Slavic Village, you use which exit off 77?

The Chamber is a.....

Woodland Rd. turns into....
W. 25th turns into.....
Detroit turns into.....

Right next to Shaker Square is a little shopping district called.....

They reopened the Fulton bridge when?

The Cotton Club was a....

Paramount liquor is distilled on _______ road. 

If you're looking for a strip club, a porn store, or a roller skating rink, you go to.....

The ice cream stand on State Rd in Old Brooklyn is called.....
The one on Pearl next to the bowling alley is called....

Space Invaders was a.....

The worst part about waiting for a bus on Public Square in the winter is the.....

The Cinematheque is located in what University Circle building?

The old coast guard station is located in what park?

Little Puerto Rico is located along what major street?

The third Saturday in October is?

Akron sucks because....


  1. A lot of these... Sure. Yes, single answer. Of the subjective ones though -- I'm saying that waiting on a bus in public square - the worst thing is probably having to pee in a trashcan - but I bet you never had to do that. There's also the million people who want your cigarettes, watching people sleep down there and the goddammed ice-skating.

    I'm still sticking with having to pee in the goddammed trashcan.

  2. Um Callahan, you want to know how goddamn old I am?

    Beck Center for the Arts was formerly known as ...

    I was a student there when it underwent the transformation. help.

  3. The last question is an essay question, right?

    Z I N G.

  4. 1. M-W 7-4 or something! F-Saturday 7-6
    2. 3am
    3. 35mph
    4. jello shots
    5. freaks. or people who want free chocolate.
    6. sunday?!
    7. charlie's
    8. louis
    9. shoe
    10. idk!
    11. idk!
    12. idk!...
    13. idk!
    14. 3, red, green, & blue
    15. corner of coventry & mayfield, and IDK
    16. huntington
    17. dennis kucinich
    18. fleet or harvard.
    19. S&M dungeon.
    20. shaker blvd., pearl, superior
    21. larchmere
    22. last year sometime?
    23. bar
    24. IDK!
    25. brookpark?!
    26. honey hut & IDK.
    27. IDK
    28. occupy cleveland? hehe. jk!
    29. CIA
    30. whiskey island?! idk!
    31. :( IDKKKK....i feel bad about that one. north of detroit, around 65th, right?
    32. IDK
    33. i don't know much about akron. which is why it must suck.

  5. A few that Cookbook didn't get --

    Space Invaders was game arcade where my then-teenaged sister had her first date with the guy she eventually married.

    The one on Pearl next to the bowling alley is called....East Coast Custard

    The shopping plaza at Brookpark and Pearl used to have a giant painted sign for a music store called....Peaches. Before that it was a department store (Federated?)

    The old coast guard station is located in what park? Wendy Park

    Before it was Mittal, the steel mill was owned by.... LTV, and before that Republic Steel

  6. dang, bridget - way too tough for me. i think i got half.

  7. the owner at North Coast has known me by name for years. And now I feel bad, because I started going to E-Z Shop instead.

  8. Jere - the wind

    Erin - man, I forget about that place constantly. That whole corner of Lakewood might as well not exist to me, which i should probably fix. I don't know though, deep Lakewood makes me nervous. The cops, I'm sure.

    LPC: The one way streets

    Krissie: not bad darling, considering you're a transplant and also way younger than me.

    Though both you and McPierogi were both like, HERE'S THE ANSWERS, which doesn't seem fair :P If I had wanted to give the answers I would have. Spoilers.

    No, it's okay, I'm not salty.

    Kate, I expected better from you.

    Arabella: Manny and I talk about what a traitor you are ALL THE TIME.

  9. I will also like to speak up in a nostalgic way about my Grannddad who did double shifts at JNL before it was LTV so he could retire at 50 to the mountain he was born on. He died last week and I have been having a destroyed freakout for the last week all about it.

    That's my way of winning the quiz. Give me my A.

  10. I'm not above pity grading. A+. And I'm sorry.

  11. Akron sucks for one reason: Annabell's.


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