Monday, August 1, 2011


I have a couple posts coming but even though I sat down here with the best of intentions, my laptop battery is dying and it just started raining but its still very sunny out, which you know means there's a rainbow out there somewhere. So I just can't sit here. Sorry, it's summer, do I really need an excuse? Do I need to be accountable to you of all people?

I went to my friends house yesterday to hang out, and one of the girls there brought garlic chocolate chip cupcakes, and marshmallow filled cupcakes, and chocolate beet cupcakes. The garlic ones were amazing. So since I respect the hustle so much, you all should check out Rosy Girl Baked Goods. If someone would like to buy me some Earl Grey cupcakes, or chocolate cherry with fennel frosting? I would not turn that down. I may even say thank you, once I stopped having a mouth full of cake. Now I have to go drink a bloody mary with my sister and do some laundry and probably watch more Mad Men at some point today after the sun goes down. And I just want to note that an alien would never be able to hide in Ohio, because we would know something was wrong the moment they couldn't open a freezee pop with their teeth.


  1. Really? Garlic and chocolate? I dunno about all that, pookie. Though I do really, really, really enjoy cake.

  2. Woah dude Garlic Choc Chip cookies? I'm intrigued.

    Also, Ohio *isn't* filled with aliens? Mind. Blown.

  3. those cupcakes sound amazing.

    I need the Earl Grey ones or

    the Spiced Chai Latte Cupcake.

    now anyone who declines a freezee pop I shall suspect as being an alien.

    and then see if they like to party if they don't I'll turn them in or something.


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