Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Man, Seriously Dayton, C'mon.

I consider my ability to enjoy doing everything at least once to be my selling point. I think by the time you are my age, there's no shame in being able to identify your selling points. Like the proverbial job interview, here are my strengths and my weaknesses. I am messy and irresponsible and emotional, but I know how to have fun no matter what. I'm good at that. Its delusional, but a delusion I believe in.

One consequence of this eagerness to love everything new is that I somehow convinced myself I loved everything about Ohio. Thankfully, Dayton exists.

We went down there to see an old amusement park, but they had sold off all the rides and there was a guard and it was really exposed and it just wasn't a good bet. That was outside Middletown. Then we tried an old abandoned Carnegie library, but it turns out a ton of people were playing bingo on the lawn outside it. Both of these things were horribly disappointing at the time, but really, it says something about the town that both their abandoned spots were taken care of and cared about. The only other thing of note about that place was that every bar seemed open at 5:30am, one assumes because of the steel mill there. Which was also not abandoned.

So then we tried to go to Dayton, just to look around. You know how a lot of fantasy worlds always feature some country that is made up of nomadic horsemen, and its really flat and plain countryside, with lots of tall grass? And their capital city is a collection of wooden huts, but like, really complicated wooden huts? Dayton reminds me of that. Only instead of horsemen, its all nomadic tech people. But the land especially is flat and full of low lying rivers with super grassy shorelines and weird white and beige concrete structures crossing the empty metropolis. Also, there were an inordinate amount of signs for piano stores. So possibly there's some weird underground piano war happening in Dayton.

I was frustrated already from the morning, so as we drove through deserted Sunday afternoon Dayton, looking forlornly around for some place to try, I developed an unreasonable hatred of the place. Like, it was just so boring. SO boring. And that's just it, I'm not a person who bores easily. I get bored by almost nothing. So, I'm just saying, what kind of place does that make you?

I will be going back at some point soon though, I hope, to go on a tour of this place which looks amazing. So I guess, I'm not entirely uninterested. I wonder if my desire to stay happy is so strong it can be activated by a better mood and another try? It makes me want to test it, and just keep going to worse and worse places until finally one day I just can't find one single good thing to say about a place.


  1. as a university of dayton flyer other than the university itself i'm going to have to agree with you here....

    i will ALWAYS love dayton, but for the school not so much everywhere around it.

    did you check out the oregon district though? that was a fun, artsy bar/restaurant club area that was cool when i went to school there

    then again, i'm old.

  2. I think I fought in Dayton as a kid... er, young pro fighter... Ed something or other...

    ...even though Dayton bored you, it was alive in your words and pictures...

  3. Good christ, Callahan, you went to Dayton?

    Next time you dive into this sort of recklessness, call me first for chrissake so I can intervene.


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