Monday, August 15, 2011


1) my personal computer bit the big network in the sky, and is in rehab right having it's hard drive replaced. Thank you, 3 year warranty I felt like a sucker buying 2 1/2 years ago. This means I will not be updating for a while, because writing a post on a phone sucks. 

2) Yesterday was so weird. It started off in an awesome warm gray rain, and I drove to a friends storefront apartment above a sunday morning Lorain Avenue for brunch which was great and relaxed and matched the rain perfectly.  Then I ran off to meet Jere and his daughter at the art museum. Agatha showed me her favorite abstract paintings, and I glowed a little at the contemporary landscapes photography exhibit, which had fantastic views of trees and nickel waste rivers and bomb casings. We sat in the glass sculpture room and watched the rain. Next we all drove to Legacy village, which is like, the most offensive place on the planet. It's one of those rich people malls set up to look like fake village streets and old victorian facades. It was still pouring and we tried to dry off in Starbucks before sitting as judges for a chef challenge, and I'm not even sure how that happened but somehow I ended up speaking into a microphone about Jonathan Waxman's crab corn spaghetti, in front of Waxman himself. Then we got frozen yogurt, and dropped Agatha off at her mommy's. Jere and I didn't really know what to do at that point, so we drove to the Valley to look for seedy bars. Geo told us to meet him at a strip bar called The Happening, down the street from the Ernest Angley Cathedral Buffet, in a brick storefront with the hallway behind the locked door lit up like a siding installation business. It was closed and we hopped across the street to some sports bar which didn't have a fucking sunday liquor license and instead we ended up in the strip we always end up, at the Matinee talking to graphic design students with white ear plugs and Geo and Jere told crazy stories about the crazy teachers at the crazy super christian high school they both went to. Jere talked about his "prophecies" class, and how he announced to everyone he had interpreted Daniels prophecy as the fact that the moon was a giant egg and it was going to hatch into a dragon. Then Geo told me about the time Jere traded him a samurai sword for an electric typewriter, which turned out to be covered in dried blood I was told was from stabbing rats in the wall. I mean, truth? Who knows. 12 hours before I had no idea I was going to be drunk in Akron listening to them arguing about means of production. I had reached a point of acceptance. Truth was relative. Jere drove us home and we talked about secret stuff. Then a few short hours later I woke up, picked up Carrie at the market, and went to Washington Place where they were filming a food network show, Curious Eats? I don't know, there's just film and tv people crawling all over Cleveland this week. People keep sending me pictures of explosions from the Avengers set. The crew all had the very cutest sneakers, one girl had bronze Prada ones. I had awesome scallops and the cameras watched us taking bites of food which made us instantly forget how to chew like human beings. I don't eat seafood but somehow I ended up eating and enjoying a lot of it. Then we had donut bread pudding and as we were leaving the valets talked about karma and one of them hugged me, but not the one who pointed out that karma was a newtonian principle. 

3) So as I will not be updating here for a while, when you are wondering what I'm up to,  it's stuff like that. 


  1. LOL you went to The Happening.

    You were like blocks away from where I grew up FYI.

  2. Sounds like you are still living the life in the heart of the Rustbelt... stay up, homie!

  3. Damn computer woes! Hurry back! I need the input :-)



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