Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Quickie. Or as they say in Polish, przeleć mnie szybko, zanim wróci do domu.

One thing poetry mondays has taught me about myself is that I suck at writing poetry. Like, really bad at it. But it's something to do right? You know what sucks more? Having an actual poet, who's good at it, make you read your crappy nursery rhyme poem to him over the phone. Talk about humiliating. Another thing I learned this week is that I need to let go of my attachment to physical media. Because I lost all of my music on my computer. All of my photos and writing too, but most of that is backed up online somewhere. The music was not. It's not like I just can't go back online and start from scratch. But will there really be as much Dr. Dre in there? Probably not. That makes me sad. That makes me want to make the whole library nothing but Dre. What if I just decided that from now on, I will only ever listen to Dre? What kind of person would I become?

I am the dear waitress only at 5am,
tweaked out on coffee,
downloading every B&S album AGAIN

Best thing someone did for me this week so far: unasked for back rub.
Best thing someone said to me this week so far: Well, goodnight, it was a birthday candle to talk to you.

C'mon, it's Tuesday. I know you can beat that.

The thing about drone warfare is this - it changes the equation from: "This is something important enough to sacrifice citizens for." To "You've inconvenienced us badly enough that we have to spend extra money to murder you."' - Jere


  1. Maybe Dr. Dre will do a mix of 'Dear Castastrophe Waitress'...

  2. Dude. "Well, goodnight, it was a birthday candle to talk to you." That's the best sentence ever. I want to write a whole book around that line.

  3. I know! I will probably end up kissing that guy.

  4. Yes, I too dig the candle line. Sappy motherfuckers we are, aren't we? Bud goddamn eloquent sometimes. By the something...I, too, despise Rod Stewart. And I don't understand most poetry. Seems...cryptic and stuffy. Plath be damned.


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