Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday's Poem is Full of Links Having Nothing to Do With Poetry

First off, my guest post about remembering the Cleveland Downtown library is up today at Little Big's blog. You know what's weird? Writing about a library for a librarian. Also it's weird that I know so many librarians. And we almost never talk about books.

Second, Erin O'Brien woke me up this morning with a message on twitter that she had left me a "shoutout" on her blog. Really what she did was write something about fairy tale folk which is way better than mine. So if you are one of the fifty people who told me how much they liked my Glossary of Fairy Tale Terminology, you should definitely go read her's.

This weeks Poetry Jam prompt is thunder and lightning. It's been raining for the last week here in Cleveland, so maybe this will help wring out my waterlogged skin.

The shattering silence of storms
The blanketing balm of the rain
Towards the gutters we ran
And we shivered and shook
While the water made off with the earth.

Your skin was cold and resistant
Your touch was a cigarette burn
The jacket you gave me
Was too big to be warm
And your arm was too thick to be real.

The rain hit the reservoir lightly
The rocks and grass mingled with mud
There was some other girl
That you brought here once too
I smelt her in the thunder electric.


  1. yes man on the pome! good work there.

  2. By weird I think you mean AWESOME.

    Thanks for doing that, lady!

  3. What an interesting poem, lots of layers and images. That last line is beautiful: "I smelled her in the thunder electric." It lingers. Applause for you!

  4. It seriously took me half a day to figure out the one word I really hated in that poem and fix it just now.

  5. oooo I like that, I really do. The last word is really well chosen. Water made off with the earth. Oh yeah baby.

    Hello my new friend.

  6. Wow ... great poem. Second stanza my very favorite....

  7. Yes! I like the way you wove passion and power into the weather theme which -- clearly -- had little to do with weather in the first place.

  8. 'While the water made off with the earth' - fabulous line, but as someone else said, it wasn't really about the weather, was it?

  9. Oh, that's a good one. I like how it moves along, rushing us all downstream, soaking wet.

  10. Great googly moogly! I don't even know where to start. But I'll pick something.

    Your touch was a cigarette burn

    That, along with the entire piece is stunning!


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