Monday, August 2, 2010

A song.

Here is the church.

Here is the steeple.

Open the door.

And here come the people.


  1. may I request this little piggy went to market next?

  2. MMMmmm delcious picures, really like the play of light and shadow.

  3. I was so hoping that's where you were going with that. Love. LOVE the first pic. Not that I don't love them all. But I get so excited. Your page loaded, I saw the photo, and I swear my shoulders dropped four inches lower. Thanks for that.

  4. bridig-

    i tried to post this on your most recent entry, but it wouldn't load. anyway, i just wanted to say i think you're beautiful. and funny. and insanely intelligent. and anyone who would waste their time insulting you or making you feel bad about yourself is a damned loser.

    i think you're wonderful.


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