Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Okay everyone, I finally made myself an Etsy shop, to sell these silly photos. Please buy them. I've got 26 of them up, but if you want one you don't see on there, please let me know. Also, please cross promote this for me, and if you do, I promise to buy you a unicorn. At least, once I sell enough photos.


  1. Ooh, excellent! I want my unicorn to be sparkly BTW.

  2. first, i just wanted to say that the picture you included in this post is brilliant. but you know i love you and your sweet talented ass. ive been wanting to start selling prints on etsy for awhile but first i probably need a decent printer, right?
    anyway, i think its awesome that you decided to do this bc you've got an amazing inventory. im saving your store to my favorite sellers so i will NOT forget to buy one, just as soon as this pesky wedding im planning is out of the way. GAH.


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