Thursday, May 21, 2009

Faymore Castle

One of the nice things about Jeremiah is that he oozes books. Within the first ten minutes of picking him up for our adventure, he had put a new book in my hands*. And I had another one before I left him. It's a super power.

Which is why it was entirely appropriate to take him with me when I went to find the Faymore Castle. I found this place while browsing through Illicit Ohio. I had to do a bit of googling to get some idea of where in North Ridgeville it was, and then had to rely on the satellite views to find it. Turns out the directions are incredibly easy, but you'll have to buy me drinks for them.

We didn't know the easy way at first, so I treated J to a 3 hour tour of western Ohio, which included a bar in LaGrange, a lot of google failure, and an upcoming Jars of Clay concert advertised on the side of a barn.

Once we found the right road though, it was SO simple. I'm not telling you the road. Promise me your first born. Bring me the golden feather. Guess.

So this place was built in the 70s by some corrupt doctor who drew out the plans himself, then got arrested before the building was finished. And no one has touched it since. Except whoever really loves Stacey, and some local Crips. What?

We found the murder hole, and a lot of rusty building materials that J liked a lot. I guess the whole building is much more interesting architecturally than my untrained eye can tell. Supposedly the Doctor drew his plans out on a roll of paper towels?

There's also supposed to be a treasure hidden within the walls, so there's lots of punched out places. But I suspect if he had that much money? His wife would have torn the place down trying to find it. Or not tried to sell the place for 300,000.

Taking pictures of places like this, it impresses me how easily the rocks already seem part of the landscape. I think maybe 30 years is my perfect abandon point, before things become unrecognizable, but as they become organically inclined. Maybe I'll only search out things exactly as old as me.

More pictures can be found here.

*also Mordicai gave him the book to give to me, about dogs and humans. Which was very nice but also kind of cruel because I want a dog so badly. Maybe by the time I've finished reading it, I will be scared of their feral intelligence and be cured. Anyway, due credit should be given for thoughtful thoughtfulness.


  1. I smeared him with those books!

  2. I've been wanting to go to this place FOREVER.

    you've inspired me.

  3. M - you are right. You did smear him. You ooze books as well. Also you do it over distance!

  4. I saw the "i love stacy"! made me laugh.

  5. FYI for all you castle freaks. After a street argument with a property owner that I saw today who's property you have to cross to get to the castle, this is what you should do to avoid any confrontations w/ this a$$hole who is for your information a retired cop who will call the sheriff in a min. and they respond becuae he is one of their own. Spoke with the property owner and he said to tell everyone so you don't have anymore problems w/ the retired cop to just come to his proerty in Flint Ridge located at 11176 Arrowhead Dr., Grafton ( the entrance is off off state rt. 57 northbound side) right by the Grafton Rd. exit. Or just load the address in your GPS. He said to just park in his driveway or on the street and walk behind his house and follow the path across the creek to the castle. If anyone says anything to you, just tell them you are taking pictures for your college photography class. Spread the word becuse the cop on Butternut Ridge ( or known also as Lorain Rd) has been prosecuting trespassers for crossing over onto his part of the property to get to the castle. GET THE WORD OUT ASAP

  6. How reliable is the above information?

  7. Make me want to try the back way

  8. I mean, is this legit? Is that owner really and truly cool about people going back there?

  9. Yeah, for future reference, the above info is incorrect. You WILL get f---in' yelled at, and the property owner WILL threaten his "dog" on you. And by "dog" I'm pretty sure he meant "gun". Because there was no dog.


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