Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Things I am Grateful For

-coffee (always and forever coffee and lets face it, at least its not cocaine, I feel like coffee stops a lot of people from being coke heads)
-my car not breaking down as we have all been waiting for it to do all year (go South Korea!)
-living by myself
- all the concerts I went to this year, which were mostly amazing
- Other Places and Hotel Rooms and State Parks
-the secret beach (the secret to my sanity)
-getting over my Ex and being able to talk to him and be around him socially without it destroying me. (I recently had to watch a run in where someone who had only been with a friend of mine for 2 years still hates anyone who's had any contact with them 2 years after, and I'll be honest, for a while I was worried that my breakup had made me actually crazy, but apparently I don't even know what that is yet, and I'm grateful for being able to see I'm in a better place than some people)
-my very awesome friends, who are prettier and smarter and more motivated than me every day
-my very awesome fans whose gratuitous and undeserved affection reminds me to try to be prettier and smarter and more motivated
- returning to my old job and a better quality of life
-being good at something that makes me happy even when it makes me miserable, and even when it makes me miserable it still gets me laid
- the internet, especially satellite images (I get to use pictures FROM A SATELLITE IN SPACE to help me find stuff! And I'm not the military! That's amazing)
- my boobs
- my creative and supportive family (especially my sister moving back to town and becoming one of my best friends, which I don't think anyone ever thought was going to happen, least of all us)
- reading comprehension!
- historical perspective!
- not being pregnant or sick!
- being able to travel across the continent without paperwork!
- being born in the time that I was (I hate when people ask the question what time period should you have been born in. This one, motherfuckers. I like being able to vote, and date black guys, and go out publicly with my gay friends, and have birth control, and never having to get married, and email people in England ect...)
- everyone who has emailed me or told me how much they like this blog. It means a lot. Thank you. (I had a nightmare last night that I didn't get accepted to school next year because they told me my blog didn't make any money. I don't have a lot in terms of accomplishment, but thanks for reading, people)
- not being blown up for one more year.
- not being part of a native population subjected to systematic genocide or being burned alive for not believing in god.
- all the pretty trappings of my middle class 1st world life - makeup and bars and music and not getting beaten for speaking in public or hooking up with strangers.
- the existence of the Aurora Borealis and radioactive wolves.


  1. The part about radioactive wolves tore deep into my heart. I saw my coyote friend again this morning. I'm not sure if he's radioactive, but hey, he lives in Nevada. He probably is. I'm thankful that you write your blog and I get to read it.

  2. I'm pretty sure everything in Nevada is radioactive. I don't have empirical evidence for this, but it just seems TRUE.

  3. Oh my GOD screw you for making me cry.

  4. Because secretly you hate me? I bet that's it.

  5. I'm probably radioactive, but the Cuyahoga burns! We both have ALEC governors. Mushrooms have been known to grow in both states. ...I just noticed the question above. Is there a check box for that?

  6. Nope.

    Also do not hate on my river and my lake. Both are sacred to me. And haven't burned since before I was born. And are all that is good and decent about this city.

  7. Oh no, I didn't mean to imply that. I simply meant both places have elements of the apocalyptic about them. Remember, I'm from Erie.

  8. i'm thankful that i found your blog, by way of jim. you put into words what runs through my head in images. thank you for translating.
    radioactivity is a continuum, like most things. click, click, click...
    i'm really, really grateful for being postmenopausal. ha!

  9. It's okay Jim, I was only being half serious.

    Also, jesus, I wish I was postmenopausal. JEALOUS.

  10. It was really pleasing that you are a coffee freak just like me....It is really effective if you had a headache from such a hectic routine and a long drive...Great sharing..!!


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