Friday, January 28, 2011

Meet the New People!

So on January 27th, 2011, after months of pain and stress and worry and love and tears and frantic phone calls and hope and hushed expectations, while it snowed outside and cars drove home from Akron and workers went home and college kids did laundry and planes flew in the sky and plows cleared the roads, Marty and Rebecca found their girls. It took a very long time, but they called them home, and they came, like good little girls, knowing when it was time to come in from the snow.

Adrianna Day

And they were pushed and pulled, squawking like little birds, from inside their mother's warm stomach. There was blood and there was pain, and she was so brave as they cut her open, even as the spinal wore off while she lay there, and she clenched her teeth and willed them alive, like she had been for months. She was the bravest mother bear.

Evelina Renee

And when he came back from seeing them in the space age little nests they slept in, tiny little chicks curled up in newness, bodies just unpacked and unwinding, Snow Pea and Snow Angel, Big Baby and Little Baby, clenching their little fingers tight and fighting already against the wires little soldiers, his face was this glow of "fantastic" and he had the look of a man whose head had been filled with light.

And now! A new family! A thing created triumphant! And nothing can ever be ugly again, not really.


  1. My heart hurts. In the good way. Hugs to them all.

  2. As soon as they let mommy out of bed and babies out of pods, there is going to be so much hugging.

  3. Beautiful. Blessings on your friends and their new little lovelies.


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