Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Free Books!

Happy February! It doesn't look like that where I am right now, cause it's like 70 degrees here and I'm sitting outside work in a tshirt drinking an almond milk latte with agave and macca. Sorry. If I said I missed the ice sculptures on the Lake, would you believe me? Lorraine the barista at work told me macca is good for the libido and that I don't need anymore of it. I told her she didn't know me. But hey, Valentines Day is coming up, and it's shitty and cold in Cleveland, so maybe you need it? It tastes like malt and is pretty awesome.

 Hey, do you love me? Then I want you to write an Amazon review for one of my books. Here's the kick - it doesn't have to be about the book. Instead, for the next nine days, leave a review for Cleveland is Your Best Friend about something you love most about Cleveland. On Valentine's Day I'll pick my favorite and send them a free copy, and then whoever wins can write me an actual review.

 If you'd like to win a copy of The Little Book of Sexts, same deal. Nine days to leave the funniest, sexiest review, and my personal favorite gets a free copy. Also remember, at 6.99, it's a perfect Valentine's Day present that is cheaper than wine and makes you look cooler than your average significant other. Get to it my darlings!


  1. Methinks your competition is subtle NLP based advertising campaign. I don't mean by people posting reviews themselves, the - to-get-reviews-and-get-them-talking-to-get-them-buying-to-get-interest-to-make-something-happening idea you've had (which I kinda like). No, I mean something more subtle. By getting 'em to think what's all this then, and, should I sit around and wait to win a competition, what am I doing anyway, by kind of writing a review, but that I could write a review. No, heck, I should buy it.

    I don't think you needed that for me, but also it was a good follow up. Your reading in the video has done it. I am going to order the book. Pleased to see it is available here in UK with free delivery.

    1. I'm glad to see *someone* recognizes my marketing genius :p


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