Monday, October 17, 2011

Just pretend this is 1999 and also this is a white plastic bag

If it weren't for light, I would be so bored. Today I sat on my parents' back porch, drinking apple cider with whiskey, and trying to read a book. I found it hard to concentrate on the novel, even though I had read it before and liked it. The words were dry and still. I could not stop thinking about making out with someone in the sunlight. I was suddenly very scared that perhaps I had ruined my attention span with facebook and twitter and gchat. This is still a real possibility, but I refuse to think about it further. The implications of everything aren't necessary. So I put my phone and my book down and tried to just watch. I made it 20 minutes of being still and silent. That is not very long. I am out of practice with focusing. But also I saw that nothing else in the universe is still or silent either. It is always moving. So I think instead of practicing being still, I will try and practice moving all the time. Being still is too much like being dead. Though I guess I won't be very good at being dead either, since that's a lot longer than twenty minutes.

Monday morning reminder:
There is no such thing as a dull sky. There never has been. The sky is always beautiful.
There is no such thing as a dull ocean. There never has been. The ocean is always beautiful.
There is no such thing as a dull mountain. There never has been. The mountain is always beautiful.
There is no such thing as a dull person. There never has been, but... The skies and oceans and mountains are always beautiful regardless. The road is always beautiful. Animals are always beautiful. People must then always be beautiful too. You know. Find it.

I thought at first that was a moon rainbow, but it was just a trick of the sunset, creating moons everywhere, echoing Jupiter, maybe auditioning? C'mon apocalypse, give me carbon dioxide moon rainbows everywhere. Kill me with rainbows.


Who wants to fuck the Editors?