Thursday, September 29, 2011

Did you know Jimmy Buffet wrote books?

tUnE-yArDs - Gangsta

I was at my friend's house at the end of the night, sitting in a group with three other people drinking wine in a low lit kitchen. I made some comment about my usual Wednesday drinking habits having illustrated that in a group like this, the majority of people around me will have smart phones. So we polled our group, and we were split 50/50, the other two having flip phones.
"Oh well, so this is the exception" I shrugged off. I give up theories easily, like loose change.
"No, but I think A. doesn't have a smart phone, so she swings it in their favor" he said, referring to the girl who had just gone to sleep.
So we went back through everyone that had stopped by. "C. and J. both had smart phones" I pointed out.
"And C. and L. didn't," he countered.
And one by one, we counted them, he having been there before me, since I predictably show up an hour after I said I would be somewhere always. In the end, the final tally, all guests and visitors included, the score was still 50/50.
"So isn't it cool how even after the group is gone, the ratio remains the same in the smallest leftover sample? Like, it just shrunk but retained it's balance." I said, and suddenly I was very aware of the position of my ankles.
"This whole thing is lesson in fractals," A. pointed out.
"You should draw the whole equation on that wall," I said to him, maybe in reference to something else later, I don't remember. "The next people to move in here would love it. It would be great. Or really creepy."

Later I drove home, still singing to Weakerthans, because that happens every couple months I remember how much I love them and become 22 again , and I stopped to get coffee for tomorrow morning. Driving home down the small neighborhood streets, quiet and dark after midnight, I saw cops passing through far away intersections. They were silent deadly gliding sharks in the shadows.


  1. *sigh*

    Is there a limit to the number of times I can say, "This might be my favorite thing you've ever written?"

  2. It makes me want to take a survey. Or be polled. Or be a silent majority? I don't even know. What Elly said.

  3. Elly, that limit is 17. I have already released the sharks. However, because they are sharks, and most of the way between Cleveland and New Joisey is landlocked, they will be there in about 4 months.

    Duf - Survey Question 1: If you had to choose, which are better, wheat thins or Triscuits? (note, this is trick question, because the answer depends on whether you have pickles or sardines available. Then, if you answer sardines, we shoot you for being a time traveling alien bent on our ocean's destruction)

  4. The music clip sounds like a band trying to beat Vampire Weekend to their next album.

  5. I love how all musicians around my age seemed to have parents who made them listen to Graceland on road trips too. And I'm totally happy with that.

  6. :) Let's tip our hats as well to that wonderful radio show, Afro-pop.


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