Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Awkward Sex With the Callahan Sisters: We Do Not Have a Name for This Thing Yet, Do We?

Carey and I are going to do a podcast. I imagine it will be a lot like the radio shows we used to make tapes of on Dad's boombox when we were little. Though she and Nick really got way more into that, with horror shows and blood and screaming. I don't know what we're calling it yet - I've been referring to it as Awkward Sex with the Callahan Sisters. Tim Cornett called it the Disturbingly Frank & Open Discussion About Sex. I mean, they're both accurate and deeply inaccurate.

We're taping tomorrow night, Thursday 6/14, at Bonnie and Clyde's, 13603 Madison Ave, Lakewood OH. Starts at 8:30 pm. Michael Ivy and Joe Whelan will be doing some sets before us, so you will at least find them funny. We encourage you to drink a lot.

Come and hang out with us! The theme of this weeks episode is going to be First Times. Not just losing your virginity - but first kisses, first blowjobs, first times fucking in the car, first time getting a pap smear, first anal sex, first time you had to explain that gear shift bruise on your leg to your mom. We are by no means experts, but we are exceedingly curious about what you've been doing naked.

PS. I realize this post makes it seem like I fuck a lot in the car. That's...probably true.

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  1. Well hey, that's right near where I live. How can I not?


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